Systemic Family Constellations

Many people experience psychological, emotional and physical issues in life that affect their relationships, often having some relevance to family dynamics both in the present and across generations. We notice lingering patterns in relationships that despite consciously addressing it, seeking therapeutic help or avoiding them they continue to influence our lives and that of our future generations. It may not have even stated with ourselves, though we have the option for it to end with us. An often times frustration may be that these patterns arise from unconscious traumas and critical life events in our family systems and the not knowing interrupts the possibilities of healingĀ  and resolution.

Family constellation work offers an opening into these unconscious entanglements in our family systems to bring the unknown reasons for why we carry these issues in life into consciousness, and provides a safe transformative group process, by which we can acknowledge why we are how we are. The participating group generate a safe space where they offer themselves in service to willing clients to represent their family systems & issues they long to address; and through a facilitated uncovering process they have the possibility of reaching resolution in their present lives that can interrupt the inevitability of the same patterns into the future.

People sometimes prefer to first explore the potential of this work for them and their families through one to one individual work with a family constellations facilitator. The HLC offers this potential, along with being able to signpost people to ongoing groups presently operating in Dublin and elsewhere.