HR - top 5 questions

Top 5 HR Questions

Q1: What happens if I’m sick?

Check out our Sick Leave Toolkit which includes a Quick FAQ for finding answers to key questions on sickleave.

Q2: What are my hours of work?

Hours of work differ by role and length of time at DCU. Check out the Admin, Library and Technical Staff Hours of work.

Q3: How is my salary paid?

Staff are paid directly into their accounts. The account must be with a bank or building society within the Republic of Ireland. Visit tour New Staff Checklist to find out how to set yourself up on joining DCU. Visit the Finance site to find out more about Payroll and when you get paid, or about Payscales.

Q4: Does DCU provide staff health insurance?

DCU staff can join a Group Scheme with VHI, and the university will facilitate payment through payroll. Find out more about joining, as well as general information about health insurance in Ireland. 

Q5: What is the Travel Pass scheme?

DCU purchases annual commuter tickets for staff so employees don't pay PRSI, USCI, or pension-related deductions. The savings are considerable. Find out more about the scheme and how to join.