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Critical Thinking - ONLINE

Target Audience
All Staff
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Course code: DCU082

Target Audience:

If your role requires you to source, digest or collate complex information, or if you need to make decisions or judgment calls about staff, strategy or project management, this workshop will develop your confidence and ability to evaluate objectively and assess without bias to decide the best course of action

Key Features

  • Learn about common thinking and decision making mistakes and why we make them
  • Learn how to use critical thinking in everyday situations by evaluating sources, making accurate comparisons and judging likely outcomes


Every minute of every day we are faced with a torrent of information – sales messages, persuasive arguments, questions to answer and opinions to form. How do we know which is the correct position to take? Which sources or arguments should we listen to? How do we determine who is more credible, how do we judge whether something is of value or not?

In order to make good decisions it’s crucial that we evaluate things critically and use reliable approaches to decide and take the best course of action. This means seeing through self-serving articles, polarized opinions or emotionally-charged arguments or claims.

This practical session challenges you to question how you interpret the world around you, helping you learn how to take an objective, impartial view on complex information and make sound decisions on issues related to your everyday work.


You’ll evaluate your critical thinking approach and discover the cognitive biases that cause decision-making mistakes. To mitigate this you’ll learn and practice a number of tools and approaches for evaluating complex information and making sound decisions.

Keen to start honing those critical skills? We recommend listening to this podcast from The Philosophy Guy.



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