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Introducing Design Thinking

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Course Code: DCU155 

Learn How to Master Design Thinking and boost your Creativity

Nothing is more dangerous than an idea when it’s the only one we have. (Emile Chartier)

In any report on the future of work or the most in demand skills in the workplace in the next decade, creativity generally tops the list. The ability to make connections, to generate novel, compelling ideas and to see beyond the obvious is an invaluable skill. Surveys also show that this is a skill that gets people hired faster; promoted more quickly and paid more. One approach, that leading organisations are increasingly adopting, is Design Thinking.  Design Thinking is an end-to-end approach to innovation and problem solving.

Workshop Facilitator: Peter Robbins from DCU’s Business School is probably Ireland’s foremost expert on Design Thinking and he has been retained to train teams, companies and even government departments on how to use it to boost their creativity, improve their outcomes and even change their culture.


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