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Human Resources

Human Resources

DCU Staff Mentoring Scheme - FAQ

Why is DCU providing this mentoring scheme?

Staff Talent Development is one of the goals in DCU's Strategic Plan 2017-2022. The university invests in and promotes mentoring because of the enormous benefits it offers to mentees and mentors alike. The research into mentoring inside and outside of HE strongly supports its effectiveness in transferring different knowledge and skills between staff. The benefits of mentoring for DCU include:

  • Leadership
    • Grow and develop the future leaders of DCU - we recognise that a key role of leadership is about growing and developing new leaders
    • Promote leadership behaviour and skills in staff - leadership is not just for leaders but emerges as appropropriate when the skills of leadership are modelled effectively
  • Focus
    • Enhance career management for staff - all staff need guidance on their direction and opportunities
    • Raise DCU’s research profile - mentored staff may perform better, therefore mentoring can accelerate research success
  • Connectedness
    • Share knowledge and experience between a wider range of staff - sharing knowledge is one of the key ways staff learn new skills
    • Promote collegiality and networking - which are at the heart of great educational institutions

In addition to the above, another objective of the mentoring scheme is to develop a culture were informal mentoring readily takes place. One of the aims is that the participating mentors and mentees complete the programme with a desire and the skills to seek informal mentoring throughout their careers, and to offer it willingly and frequently to others. The positive experience of mentoring from this scheme should motivate each participant to continue to benefit from mentoring and to provide that benefit to others.