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policies and procedures

Consultation Procedure

Should the University wish to implement changes in practice or procedure, including the introduction or expansion of new technology, changes in conditions of employment affecting staff members represented by the Union, the following procedures shall apply:-

-The intention to make changes affecting an individual Faculty, School or Unit shall be made known by the University to the individuals concerned who may invoke this procedure by referring the matter to their local Union Representative.


A local representative may consult his/her Union on such proposed changes.

-The intention to make changes affecting either an entire Faculty, School or Unit, several Faculties/Schools/Units shall be notified by the University Director of HR to the Union Branch Secretary.

-Reasonable time will be given to the Union local representative(s) or Union official(s) to study and consult with their members and to negotiate with the University on the effect of its proposed changes.

-In like manner the Union undertakes to give sufficient time to the University to study and consider any proposals for change, which its members direct it to present to the University and to negotiate on the proposed changes.

-In the event of failure to secure agreement on proposed changes at the above-mentioned level of consultation, the matter shall be processed in accordance with the agreed procedure for settlement of disputes. 

-Nothing in this procedure will limit the Universities right to communicate with its staff members whenever it wishes to do so, and all staff members will be kept informed of discussions or decisions which affect them.

Last Revision04-MAY-10