Customer Charter


ISS Customer Charter

You can expect us to:

    • Greet you in a polite and friendly manner. Attend to you promptly when you are visiting our Service Desks.
    • Commit to delivering our services as reliably and efficiently as possible.
    • Document all actions to ensure that an accurate record of your query/issue is maintained.
    • Respect your privacy, protect your information in confidence and ensure that it is not disclosed except as provided for by law.
    • Contact you with a resolution to confirm that you are satisfied.
    • Provide redress should you have a complaint and deal with it promptly, impartially and in confidence.
    • Empower you to find information and solutions to resolve IT issues yourself.
    • Consistently measure our customer feedback. Keep you informed of progress during a ticket.


We expect you to:

    • Treat ISS staff with courtesy, respect and behave in a professional manner at all times.
    • Where possible provide accurate information relating to your issue and advise ISS in a timely manner if developments change.
    • Abide by University ICT policies and those implemented as a public sector organisation.
    • Use University ICT equipment and facilities with respect and consideration for others.
    • Use ISS recommended ICT solutions that provide efficiencies and effective delivery of service for all.
    • Consult with ISS regarding ICT related decisions before engaging external parties.
    • Be understanding when an issue is outside the scope of our support.