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School of Mathematical Sciences
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Turlough Downes
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Glasnevin Campus
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Academic biography

I am a professor of mathematics and astrophysics.  My research lies primarily in the field of plasma astrophysics and I currently focus on the dynamics of weakly ionised plasmas in and around star forming regions, including proto-planetary disks. I use a mix of analytic and computational approaches to this and we have developed strong expertise in particular in computational approaches.  These plasmas are intensely complex systems and the simulations which we design and execute require huge computational resources.  As a result we use some of the biggest supercomputers in the world for our work (e.g. those available through

I lecture both in mathematics (real analysis, partial differential equations etc) and physics (galactic dynamics) at undergraduate and graduate levels.

Research interests

Weakly ionised plasmas; Astrophysics : Star formation, High energy astrophysics, Computational fluid dynamics