SCEENAC 2019 Public Lecture

SCEENAC 2019 Public Lecture

We are delighted to host a special public lecture entitled "Extremes of Gravity" by Prof. Chris Fewster on Thursday Sept 12, 6:30pm-7:30pm. This event will take place on the DCU St. Patrick's Campus.

Further details and registration for this event below.

Extremes of Gravity

Curious about black holes and gravitational waves? How about wormholes, warp drives and time machines?

In this public lecture, Prof. Chris Fewster will take you on an accessible tour of the frontiers of gravity research to examine what is known and what is unknown. Some of the oddest and most extreme predictions of Einstein's general theory of relativity will make their appearance as Prof. Fewster helps us to distinguish the possible from the impossible and the science from the fiction.

About the speaker:

Chris Fewster is Professor of Mathematical Physics at the University of York. He is a leading expert on quantum field theories in curved spacetimes, where some of the most extreme effects of gravity appear.