Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering/ Electronic Engineering Classes of 2003
Alumni from the Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering and Electronic Engineering Classes of 2003 back on Glasnevin campus for their 20 Year Reunion.

Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering and Electronic Engineering Classes of 2003 - 20th Year Anniversary Reunion

The DCU Faculty of Engineering and Computing Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering and Electronic Engineering Classes of 2003 celebrated their 20th year anniversary reunion at the weekend on the Glasnevin campus.

Alumni were welcomed with speeches by Executive Dean Dr Jennifer Bruton, Head of School Electronic Engineering Dr Noel Murphy and Associate Professor and Head of School Dr Paul Young who took alumni through some of the changes at DCU and in the Faculty in the last 20 years. Associate Professor Tanya Levingstone, who attended as an alumna of the class, offered the toast and Prof Saleem Hashmi, Emeritus Professor School of Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering, also attended with a small gift for each alumni.

mee reunion group shot 2
group shot of Alumni at their Reunion
group shot of alumni

Alumni enjoyed a welcome reception, toast and speeches from faculty before enjoying a tour of the campus and their former classrooms in Henry Grattan, Albert College and Stokes and also a stop at the Alumni office.

Alumni took their former seats and chatted with Prof Murphy about their studies, what they had learnt at DCU and how they had applied their learnings in their careers as well. Prof Murphy also gave updates on DCU and research opportunities during the tour.

2003 EE ME campus tour

"As a graduate from the 2003 Biomedical Engineering Class it was wonderful to welcome all the 2003 Engineering Graduates back to DCU to celebrate our 20 Year Reunion," said Associate Prof Levingstone, who is also Programme Chair for the Biomedical Engineering programme and a 2003 Biomedical Engineering graduate.  It was a wondering evening of catch-ups and reminiscing. This cohort included the first graduating classes from our 'Biomedical Engineering' and 'Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering' programmes in the School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering and the event was a great opportunity to celebrate the growth and development of these programmes over the past 20 year. Engagement with Alumni and industry is so important in shaping what we do here in DCU and we would love all our Alumni to keep in touch."

Dr Paul Young added: "It was great to see our first graduates from the three Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering programmes join the Electronic and Mechatronic Engineers back on campus to celebrate their time here in DCU.  The varied careers, locations and experiences they have had speak volumes to their own abilities and the value of the education they received 20 years ago.  The conversations ranged from distant memories, to the changes on campus and the new skills they see are needed to ensure the sustainability of society.  It was good to be able to introduce them to our newest programme Mechanical and Sustainability Engineering which addresses some of the specific knowledge and skills gaps that they are identifying.  Congratulations to all of them, some don't look a day older than when they left ..." 

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Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering at alumni office