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Postgraduate Research

The School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering at Dublin City University was established in 1987. Since then the school has been offering the postgraduate degrees of M.Eng. and Ph.D. by research, with academic staff also pursuing individual research. Students are drawn from a wide international base as well as from Ireland. During their time in the school students are encouraged to publish the results of their work in international journals and to prepare and present papers at conferences. This helps the students to broaden their experience, develop contacts with other research workers and to begin to build their international reputation. Participation in European Union based programmes such as EURASMUS and TEMPUS has allowed a number of both western and eastern European undergraduate students and staff members to spend periods of a number of months in the school carrying out short-term project work. In addition, many of our projects are carried out in collaboration with industry and a number of part time researchers have built projects around their industrial activities.