Campus Companies & Charities Governance

The University owns a number of companies (formally known as 'Designated Activity Companies' or 'DAC' for short) that provide services on campus to the DCU community. These companies are collectively referred to across the University as 'Campus Companies' and details of their principal activities and whether they hold charitable status or not are provided below. 

Company Name Principal Activity Charitable Status Website Link
DCU Educational Support Services DAC  Holding Company Yes N/a
Trispace DAC (Catering) Catering Services No Link
Trispace DAC (Sports) Sports Facilities No Link
Campus Residences DAC Student Residences Yes Link
Campus Property DAC Retail & Property Rental Yes N/a
DCULS (Language Services) DAC ELT & Translation Services No Link
UAC Management DAC Arts Centre (The Helix) No Link
DCU Invent DAC Commercialisation & Technology Transfer No Link
Dublin Software Park DAC Property Development & Rental No N/a


The Irish Charities Regulator has produced a number of guidelines to encourage and facilitate the better administration and management of charitable organisations. Links to some of the guides are provided below. Within the DCU Community there are a number of Campus Companies with charitable status and the guidelines below are of particular relevance to the governance of those companies.  

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