Corporate Compliance Framework

The University's Corporate Compliance Framework, as maintained by the Office of the Chief Operations Officer (OCOO), is a list of the most significant pieces of legislation with which the University must comply.

A list of the key pieces of legislation identified to date, as well as the primary University contact for each, is provided below.

Primary Legislation University Contact Link
Dublin City University Act - 1989 Governing Authority OCOO
Universities Act - 1997 Governing Authority OCOO
Data Protection Acts  Data Protection Officer DPU
Freedom of Information Acts - 2014 Freedom of Information Officer FOI
Ombudsman (Amendment) Act - 2012 Ombudsman Liaison Officer OCOO
Standards in Public Office Act - 2001 Chief Operations Officer OCOO
Ethics in Public Office Act - 1995 Chief Operations Officer OCOO
Protected Disclosures Act - 2014 Chief Operations Officer OCOO
Official Languages Act - 2003 & 2021 Irish Language Officer ILO