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Office of the Chief Operations Officer

COO's Office - Policies, Codes, Frameworks etc.

Note: The documents listed in the category tabs below are those under the remit of the Office of the Chief Operations Officer only. If you have any queries on these please contact the COO's office.

A separate and more comprehensive webpage listing the majority of the Univerity's other polices, charters, codes of conduct & practice and regulations, which are under the remit of other units of the University, can be accessed at the following link - DCU Policies.    

 Capital Works Framework

University Framework for the Management of Major Capital Works

As a public body in receipt of Exchequer funding the University is required to apply certain practices, procedures and guidelines, as set out by various government departments, with regard to the management and control of capital works projects. To address these requirements the University's Executive adopted a framework in November 2015 which sets out, at a high level, how the University's senior management is to exercise control and meet their oversight responsibilities for the the management of capital works, either initiated by the University or one of its wholly owned subsidiary companies. The framework will be applied to the Campus Development Plan 2016 - 2021.

Members of staff who wish to view the framework may be access it at the link below.   

Framework for the Management of Major Capital Works - (Staff Access Only)

Guidance on Framework Documentation - (Staff Access Only)