Academic Governance & Regulations | Office of the Vice President Academic Affairs

Academic Governance & Regulations


This team consists of three people: Ms Margaret Irwin-Bannon, Ms Valerie Cooke and Ms Gráinne Curran.

The team’s responsibilities include management of the following:

  • the business of Academic Council and of its three main subcommittees: Education Committee, University Standards Committee and Graduate Research Studies Board
  • the approval process, at University level, with respect to new programmes of study and adaptations of existing programmes
  • the examination appeals process
  • the disciplinary appeals process
  • the appointment process, database and online reporting system with respect to external examiners for taught programmes
  • the maintenance of the database of Programme Chairs
  • the maintenance of the University Schedule of Meetings.

The team also works closely with the Deputy Registrar/Dean of Teaching and Learning and the Dean of Graduate Studies, and works with colleagues in the Registry in relation to some specific aspects of Registry work.