DCU Student Recognition Framework

DCU has a student recognition framework which facilitates acknowledgement, at the point of graduation, of exceptional student academic achievement and in some instances also a significant contribution via extracurricular activities.


Students graduating

DCU Graduation Students

The Student Recognition Framework sits alongside all of the other opportunities that exist both within DCU and externally for students to be recognised for contribution or achievements in the arts, sports, civil society, charity, innovation etc., but is particularly focused on those graduating students who demonstrate high academic achievement (Dean’s Honours List), and especially those who have done so whilst also making an impactful contribution to others in DCU and externally (Chancellor's Medal).

The Dean's Honours List is an acknowledgement of especially high academic achievement by students graduating who are ranked in the top 5% of graduates.

Dean's Honours List October 2022

The Chancellor's Medal is awarded at the discretion of the University to an outstanding graduating student who has achieved excellence in both the academic and extracurricular spheres.  Awardees embody the values of DCU and have had an exceptional and positive impact on DCU and/or the wider community.