Academic Council & Sub Committees

Academic Council and its three major sub committees

Academic Council has responsibility for the academic affairs of the University, as defined by statute, including the curriculum of, and instruction and education provided by, the university. 

Academic Council has three main sub-committees, namely Education Committee, University Standards Committee and Graduate Research Studies Board.  Further information on the workings of Academic Council and related sub committees can be found below.



Academic Council plays a critical role in setting the academic direction of the University.  The functions of Academic Council include oversight of the design and development of new programmes, development of structures, policy and regulations relating to the academic affairs of the University and advising the University on sectoral and national strategic priorities and initiatives.


Education Committee is responsible for the shaping of University strategy in relation to academic affairs.

Terms of Reference of Education Committee




The approval of Education Committee should be sought for the following: 

  1. Approval of new  programmes (validation) 

Revised Academic Offerings

  1. Significant restructuring of a programme  
  2. New non-major awards developed in response to calls from funding agencies, e.g. Springboard or online programmes e.g. FutureLearn
  3. Creation of an exit award from existing major award
  4. Change, for a programme, from one NFQ level to another

Revised Academic Offerings and Information pertaining to new programme approval process


The University Standards Committee is responsible to Academic Council for the development, maintenance and review of University Academic Regulations and Guidelines.

Terms of Reference of University Standards Committee




The approval of University Standards Committee should be sought for the following: 

Graduate Research Studies Board (GRSB) is a sub-committee of Academic Council.  GRSB plays a vital role in the development of guidelines, policy and regulations pertaining to postgraduate research (PGR) education and considers individual student matters including external examiner appointments and transfer examinations.

Terms of Reference of GRSB





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