Teaching and Learning

Students’ academic journey is at the heart of the mission of DCU. Our approach to teaching, learning and assessment, the environment and culture which support these activities, and the quality of our academic services collectively define the academic experience for our students, and shape the type of graduate they become. 

DCU’s approach to Teaching and Learning underpins our commitment to “pioneer a transformative student experience” (Pillar 1 of the institutional strategy), to develop our curriculum, teaching, distinctive learning experience, services and opportunities. We have some key priorities: 

  • Excellence – continuing to innovate our curriculum with a focus on excellent,  distinctive teaching, learning, and assessment. Our flagship programme in this regard is DCU Futures, and we are also developing Placement (be that in a professional, enterprise, or international academic setting) as a core experience in DCU.
  • Flexibility – Addressing the diversity of learner needs and emerging system priorities through models of  provision, pathways, and curriculum design – our work on Micro-credentials and on transformation of our processes and systems to enable flexible, innovative curricula are illustrative of this priority. 
  • Student-focused Academic Services – transforming how students experience academic services is a key aim of our SIS programme.