DCU SIS Programme

Transforming DCU

The DCU Student Information System (SIS) Programme is a multi-year programme that is enabling us to transform how students interact with us and will support us in creating an excellent experience for both students and staff.
DCU SIS Programme

DCU Student Information System

DCU is transforming the way in which its students and staff interact with each other, using student information to achieve excellence in service, ensuring the future needs of DCU can be met.

This transformation will be enabled trough a flexible and robust Student Information System (SIS) – a system that can support the University’s change and growth agenda.

The SIS Programme has a pivotal role to play in enabling us to achieve our strategic goals and actions set out in our plan. 

It will enable DCU to deliver an excellent student experience by providing an easy to access and single source of information that drives a consistent experience before, during and after their time at DCU.

Staff can access the internal SIS website here