DCU Futures

Reimagining undergraduate education for an unscripted world

DCU Futures is the most ambitious innovation in teaching and learning in the history of Dublin City University (DCU). Operating as a blueprint for the University and funded by the Human Capital Initiative, this €19.9 million project is an unprecedented commitment to radically re-imagine undergraduate education for the 21st century to meet the challenge of empowering students to be future-capable and thrive in an increasingly unscripted world defined by volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity.


The objectives of DCU Futures are to:

  • Prepare students to thrive in an unscripted world defined by unprecedented technological and social change
  • Adopt innovative pedagogic methods that can best equip our students for an uncertain world
  • Confirm DCU’s status as a leading and competitive educational institution, embracing our value system by seeking to transforms lives and society. 

The initiative aims to create capacity for over 1,000 additional students. It is funded under Pillar 3 of the Human Capital Initiative (HCI) until December 2024. 

For details about DCU Futures please see below. 

You may also access a PDF of the DCU Futures printed brochure here


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