Alumni Perspectives on Transversal Skills

DCU is currently seeking to identify specific 'transversal skills' which should be developed in students in order to prepare them for a rapidly changing workplace and world. 'Transversal skills' are skills which are not confined to any one discipline, but rather can be applied across multiple areas. Examples of transversal skills include, but are not limited to, the following: communication skills, creativity, data literacy, problem solving, critical thinking, entrepreneurial acumen, ability to work in teams, and a growth mindset. Such skills are seen as increasingly important in the modern workplace and DCU is eager to get the views of our alumni community on this topic.

The purpose of this survey is to gain insights from DCU alumni regarding which transversal skills are particularly relevant in the contemporary workplace. This survey comprises six questions and should take no more than 5 minutes to complete. You participation is greatly appreciated and your input will be valuable in shaping the DCU Transversal Skills agenda.

The data collected via this survey will only be used for the purpose stated above. By completing this survey, you will be consenting to submitting data to the Research Support Services (RSS) unit of Dublin City University (DCU). The survey is not seeking to collect any personal data about you or others. DCU is the Data Controller and any queries regarding any personal data aspects of the survey should, in the first instance be forwarded to RSS or alternatively to the DCU Data Protection Unit at:

Phone: 01 7007476 / 7006466/ 7008706

3. Please select your age range
4. In your opinion, what are the most important transversal skills (list up to ten) for graduates to have in the contemporary workplace? (To add extra lines click on + or Add)
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5. From your experience, are there specific skills that are needed in the contemporary workplace, which recent graduates do not possess to the required level? (Please list up to five such skills. To add extra lines click on + or Add)
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6. What skills do you believe will be increasingly important in the workplace over the coming decade? (Please list up to five. To add extra lines click on + or Add)
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