Exam & Continuous Assessment Online Marks Entry

Important Notes: 

  1. The Repeat diet will be a combination of on campus exams, online exams and continuous assessments.
  2. In the case of on campus exams, anonymous marking will apply. Students will be identified by their unique six digit exam number. Exam scripts will have the student’s exam number written on the front cover in a designated box.
  3. Online exams will be carried out via Loop Exam. These exams are not anonymous, however, the download report will replace the student name with the exam number. This will facilitate the entry of these marks onto the Online Exam Marks Entry system.
  4. Continuous assessment marks will be entered onto the Online Continuous Assessment Marks Entry system using the eight digit student id number.
  5. The Online Marks Entry System is available by connecting to the VPN System. For instructions on how to setup a VPN connection see VPN Setup Instructions.
  6. If you don't have access to VPN you can access the Online Marks Entry System and other apps via AppConnect. More details on how to use AppConnect can be viewed on the following page: AppConnect  
  7. If you do not see your correct modules in the drop down section of the Online Marks Entry system, then contact your school secretary/faculty administrator who can/should update the module specifications on Coursebuilder to grant you access (via the anonymous marker field in the course builder module). In the case of FSH school secretaries do not perform this function and you should contact the relevant faculty administrator in order to have your modules added.