Guru Services

The Guru Development Unit (GDU) provides bespoke development and support for a number of "Guru Modules".  A brief description of these modules is listed below:

Guru Stats 

This service provides user-friendly, bottom-up analysis of students, modules and programmes and is aimed principally at academics and academic administrative teams.  This allows these users to access the information they need within seconds through an effective and straightforward web application.  This includes full analysis of the corresponding performance of students across their range of programmes and modules allowing early remedial action and response.

Guru Exam 

University examination processes involve a number of both internal and external quality review checks, including reviews by ‘External Examiners’ who are third party academics responsible for ensuring that academic standards are being met. Guru Exam provides a range of services to ensure that assessment components are consistent, standardised, accessible and can go through all stages of processing and review in a secure and user friendly manner.

Guru Extern

External examiners are employed by Universities for the purpose of external quality review.  This involves a number of stages including proposal of external examiner, nomination, institutional review and approval, account creation and a subsequent submission of final reports.  The Guru Extern module provides a range of digital services to help with all aspects of the management of external examiners and their quality review documentation.

Guru Archive

Past exam paper archives have always been made available to students typically via website distribution.  These archives have traditionally been very simple with basic module code searching and papers have been commonly inaccessible for students with disabilities.  Guru Archive was developed to improve all aspects of archiving, including provision of full meta-data and in-document searching, as well as providing assessment components in fully accessible formats suitable for all students.