Meet the Team

David Molloy - Head of the Guru Development Unit

David leads the Guru Development Unit (GDU) and is responsible for the provision of the wide range of services provided by the Guru suite of services.  Since Guru was first rolled out in 2011, it has grown significantly in usage and now provides a range of mission-critical services to both DCU and a number of external third-party institutions.  David has been working in DCU since 1999 and has a valuable cross-section of experience from teaching, administration, software development and university processes.  This diverse background helps narrow the “knowledge gap” commonly encountered between the business and the software development teams and leads to more precise implementations of University business processes. 

Tony Ayres - Senior Software Architect

Tony has been a software developer since 2005 and has extensive experience developing web, integration and distributed systems in the financial services, telecoms and education sectors. He joined DCU in 2015 to work on the Guru system.

Ian Harrison - Senior Software Developer

Ian has been working on Guru since graduating from DCU in 2015 with a degree in Electronic and Computer Engineering. He works as a software developer, mostly focused on developing new features for the next generation Guru 2 system.

Katarzyna Fidos - Senior Software Developer

Kasia is a software engineer with over 10 years of hands-on development, design and coding across a full application stack. She joined the Guru team in 2021. Before that she worked across multiple industries including telecom, fintech and banking.