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Research Committee

Since February 2001, the organisational structure for research at DCU has consisted of the Research Committee and two subcommittees the Research Advisory Panel and the Research Ethics Committee.

The Research Committee consists of the President (or nominee), the Deputy President, Vice-President for Research (Chair), Director of Invent, the Chairperson and Deputy Chairperson of the Advisory Panel, and the Director of Research Support Services, the Director of Graduate Research, and a nominee from the Office of the Theme Leaders.

The Research Committee is responsible for:

  • The formulation and implementation of the research strategy of the University.
  • The selection of elements for future funding rounds of the institutionally orientated state funding mechanisms.
  • Managing institutional submissions for funding.
  • The allocation of University funds, derived from the budgetary system, to the Research Advisory Panel, following annual bids for these funds from the Panel.
  • The allocation of other research income as may accrue to the University.
  • Monitoring research output quality across the University and recommending remedial action.
  • Ethical issues relating to research.
  • Reporting to Academic Council on an annual basis on research issues.
  • Reporting to Executive Committee on budgetary matters.
  • Maintaining accurate minutes of the meeting's procedures.