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All DCU students (except for BED, BECE & PMEP) can access their timetable by clicking HERE and logging in using your DCU student username and password.

IoE Students
IoE Students (BED, BECE & PMEP)

Institute of Education (IoE) students studying BED, BECE or PMEP should click HERE. You must log in using your DCU student username and password.


To access your Staff Timetable, click HERE and log in using your DCU staff username and password.

Latest Update: 15th January 2024

Semester two timetables are subject to change. Please check your timetable regularly

Please note that Public Holidays are official closure days for the University.  As such, scheduled classes will not take place on designated Public/Bank Holidays during the semester teaching weeks. Further information is under the section University Closure Days / Public Holidays below.