Sustainability Rankings

Times Higher Impact Rankings

Last updated June 2023….

DCU ranks 71st out of almost 1,600 universities globally according to the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals. 

The Times Higher impact rankings measure the overall contribution to sustainability by third level institutions. The outcomes are measured against the United Nation 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

  • DCU rank 6th best in the world in terms of reducing inequalities. This is a testament to DCU's excellent access programme and student supports.  
  • DCU are ranked 8th best in the world for gender equality. 
  • DCU also scored highly in the ‘no poverty' category coming in at 27th globally. 
  • Other areas which DCU rank within the top 100 globally for include; Responsible Consumption & Production, and, Peace, Justice & Strong Institutions. 
  • DCU has displayed it's excellence in areas such as access, equality, student supports, sustainability and ethical sourcing, economic excellence, ethical teaching and learning and community engagement. 

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QS Sustainability 

Last updated December 2023

QS have launched their second iteration of the QS Sustainability Ranking. The ranking measures contribution to sustainability through social, environmental and governance measures. 

  • DCU ranked joint 143rd out of over 1,400 institutions globally. 
  • DCU rank first in Ireland and 36th globally for 'Good Governance.'
  • DCU rank first in Ireland and 40th globally for 'Environmental Sustainability' within the wider 'Environmental Impact' pillar.
  • DCU ranked second in Ireland and joint 25th globally for 'Equality' within the wider 'Social Impact' pillar.

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UI GreenMetric

Last updated December 2023…

Similar to the Times Higher Impact Rankings, the UI GreenMetric measure a university’s progress towards overall  sustainability.

  • DCU ranked 11th globally and 2nd nationally in 2023.
  • DCU is the leading Irish university for Energy Management and Climate Change mitigation. 

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