Student Reviewers

As part of DCU's student partnership framework, the University has procedures to enable the participation of students in our cyclical quality review process.  This is facilitated through the involvement of student representatives in the quality review process, and in the appointment of a Student Reviewer to each Peer Review Group (PRG).

Alongside national and international experts, these student reviewers participate as full members of the PRG.  Further information on what to expect as a Student Reviewer is provided below.  

Role of Student Reviewers

Student Reviewers have a range of responsibilities, in line with those shared with other PRG members. As a Student Reviewer you will be expected to:

  • commit to reviewing documentation (including the area's self-assessment report) and provide initial comments ahead of the review visit for other panel members to consider;
  • engage with members of the review team in the lead-up to and throughout the site visit as required;
  • engage with staff and student stakeholders throughout the review visit;
  • contribute to the development of the PRG report and identify commendations and recommendations for quality enhancement.

Identification and Selection of Student Reviewers at DCU

The Quality and Institutional Insights Office (QIO) shall develop, maintain and update a list of potential reviewers, following the submission of an expression of interest by students. The process for identifying and recruiting potential student reviewers shall commence through an invitation to eligible students involved in Class Rep Council (CRC), Board/Committee Membership, and Club and Social Life Committee.   This process will be completed following close consultation between the Office of Student Life (OSL) and DCU Students' Union to identify a selection of suitable candidates. 

Student Reviewer Criteria

Students who are interested in becoming a Student Reviewer should meet the following criteria; 

  • be in year 3 of an undergraduate programme, a postgraduate student, or a recent graduate (no more than 2 years since completion of award)
  • will have participated, or will participate in either class-rep training or national N-StEP student reviewer training
  • are willing to participate in DCU student reviewer training before the quality review visit

Honorarium/ Recognition of Participation

Students are considered an equal member of the panel who will contribute, in equal measures to the review visit and report writing.  They will receive an honorarium payment in line with external panel members and will be required to commit to up to 4 days to complete the process, in addition to preparation and write-up time.