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Student Engagement is a key element of our enhancement framework and plays a pivotal role in developing a culture of inclusivity and diversity in our multi-campus university.  Fostering this type of culture will significantly enhance the potential for a partnership model of engagement which in turn will greatly improve transparency to the benefit of all stakeholders.    
There are many active initiatives to further strengthen and develop the level of effective engagement with our student body.  
    •  Institute / Student Partnership Programme – NSTEP 
    •   Student survey to help enhance the overall experience
 Student Partnership Programme (NSTEP) 

The National Student Engagement Programme (N-STEP) is a collaborative initiative under development by the Union of Students in Ireland (USI), the Higher Education Authority (HEA) and Quality and Qualifications Ireland (QQI). Formally launched in April 2016 with 5 initial Institutions participants, the programme will continue to work to develop student capabilities and institutional capacity in order to enhance engagement at all levels across the higher education system.

In a partnership model, the programme aims to support institutions in developing processes and activities which support/facilitate the meaningful engagement of students.

DCU will join 23 other Institutions to participate in the second phase of the pilot programme for the academic year 2017/18.  The process, which is informed by the work of Sparqs (Students PARtnerships in Quality Scotland), has two primary objectives;

    • to develop and support the implementation of a student training programme;
    • to build institutional capacity to provide high quality opportunities for learners to engage.

The aim is to;

    • develop student capabilities to engage in quality assurance and quality enhancement with higher education institutions;
    • support institutions in facilitating meaningful engagement with students;
    • strengthen the value of student engagement;
    • develop and implement tools and resources to build effective engagement practice; and
    • systematically improve student engagement across all higher education institutions.

For further information or to discuss any aspect of this initiative please contact the DCU Co-ordinator, Celine Heffernan directly (celine.heffernan@dcu.ie).

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 Student Feedback through Student Surveys 

At DCU we strive to deliver the highest possible standards to ensure the most memorable experience for our student body from both within and outside the lecture hall.  Through a variety of internal and external surveys which have been developed to increase transparency in relation to the level of student engagement, we are in the optimal position to truly understand the important aspects of student life whilst identifying the challenges affecting the overall student experience. 

Irish Student Survey of Engagement (ISSE)

The Irish Student Survey of Engagement (ISSE) is a National survey which is disseminated to first and final year students across the higher education sector on an annual basis.  Each educational institution is invited to select a three-week period during February and March of semester II. The impact of this particular survey, on a National stage has opened the door for students to become more involved in the decision making process within their respective institutions. 

For further information on this survey, please visit www.studentsurvey.ie.

We have put together a DCU Student Survey Calendar which demonstrates the breath of student engagements. To view the calendar please click on the link here Survey Calendar.