Research Newsletter - Issue 92: Graduate Studies Spotlight

The Graduate Studies Office Team at DCU (GSO) is dedicated to fostering excellence in postgraduate research education. Through collaborative efforts with staff, the research student community, and external partners, we aim to support the University's strategic goals. At the heart of our mission is the commitment to provide strategic leadership, academic governance, and process enhancements for postgraduate research. 

Our ultimate aim is to empower Graduate Researchers to excel intellectually and professionally, thereby enriching their academic journey.  


The GSO takes on various responsibilities, including leading the development of certain facets of DCU's postgraduate research education. Additionally, we advocate for the needs of DCU's postgraduate research student community and play a pivotal role in shaping the University's postgraduate research policy and planning.


Meet the Team




What We Do:

  • Develop and implement policies to promote best practices in graduate research in consultation with national and European bodies such as the IUA and EUA.
  • Conduct orientation and induction programs for new research students.
  • Organise a yearly calendar of skills development events, seminars, and workshops for both research students and supervisors.
  • Host the annual 'Tell It Straight' research communications competition. 
  • Host the annual ‘Research on Walls’ event. 
  • Offer the ‘Research Integrity Training Programme’ for new starter research students.
  • Facilitate scholarship and industry internship programs.
  • Leading internal and external collaborative projects, funding proposals, and consortium activities at national, European, and international levels.


Where We are located:

We are located on the ground floor of the McNulty Building, DCU Glasnevin Campus, Dublin 9.

Please find further detail regarding some of our key research-linked initiatives below:


The Research and Scholarships Administrator interfaces with external funding agencies, most notably with relation to IRC schemes, from the initial application stage to student graduation. In liaison with RIS, the Research and Scholarships Administrator oversees funding applications and creates awards on TORA for student-led awards. In the 2022-23 academic year the R&S administrator processed almost €7.5m in the form of monthly scholarship/one-off increases/Covid payments, exclusive of travel grant payments. The administrator has an advisory role on student queries and acts as a direct contact for funded research students with the Fees office as well as presiding over internal GSO schemes such as Card Fee and Accommodation scholarships.


Research on Walls

Research on Walls

Research on Walls

The Graduate Studies Office inaugurated the first of its kind, ‘Research on Walls’ event on 27th September 2023. The competition enables research students to present their research in a single image, and subsequently have the opportunity to talk about their research to the audience on the day of the event. The event proved to be energising and informative on many frontiers, where participants' communication skills were fostered through visual and verbal communication means. The next event will be taking place in October 2024.

Graduate Training Opportunities

Graduate Studies Office provides just under 80 graduate training opportunities for research students each year. The aim is to give the right skills at the right time, optimise research performance, and augment the research qualification with skills transferable outside academic and research areas. The offerings by Graduate Studies Office are underpinned by European and national best practice: the EU Salzburg Principles, the IUA Skills Statement and the National Forum for Doctoral Education.


Find out more:

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