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School of Applied Language & Intercultural Studies


Undergraduate Programmes

BA in Applied Language and Translation Studies (CAO Code: DC155)

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Through the Applied Language and Translation Studies  degree you’ll explore the principles behind language, culture, translation and intercultural communication. You’ll develop your knowledge of different cultures, linguistics, and translation, and enhance your language skills in French, Chinese, German, Japanese and/or Spanish. 

The programme offers an opportunity to study languages in combinations not available anywhere else in Ireland (e.g. Japanese and German; Chinese and French), giving you an even broader appeal to potential employers.

Apply and test your skills in the real world when you spend your Third Year studying at one of our partner universities, experiencing the culture of another country, honing your oral language skills and undertaking a significant body of work in the local language.


BA in Social Sciences and Cultural Innovation (CAO Code: DC238)

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The Social Sciences and Cultural Innovation degree (formerly known as BA in Contemporary Culture and Society)  explores how the relationships between individuals and societies function and how they interact within the contexts of interculturalism, globalisation, migration, mass media, multilingualism and accelerated technological change.

The course is particularly salient in today’s current climate and will equip you with the skills to understand and communicate how cultural, ethnic and religious diversity relate to modern media, business, politics, and society, both at home and globally.


Bachelor of Arts: Joint Honours (CAO Codes: DC291, DC292, DC293)

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This degree draws on existing DCU strengths while giving you the choice of what you want to study from a unique range of subjects. Students also have the option to take a year abroad (year abroad students complete the degree over four years). You will acquire a critical perspective on areas central to contemporary society, including law, politics and the media. You can also complement this knowledge by developing a high competence in a foreign language or Irish.

Each subject area of the Bachelor of Arts will provide you with an opportunity to gain an in-depth knowledge and understanding of a particular academic discipline. This degree will prepare you for a variety of careers while also providing a solid foundation for further study at postgraduate level.

SALIS Undergraduate (prospectus)