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School of Applied Language & Intercultural Studies


Undergraduate Programmes

BA in Applied Language and Translation Studies (common entry) (CAO Code: DC155)

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This degree looks at the principles underlying language, culture, translation and intercultural communication. It will develop your knowledge of the cultures and enhance your language skills tremendously in French, Chinese, German, Irish, Japanese and/or Spanish. On this degree you have the opportunity to study languages in combinations which are not available anywhere else in Ireland (e.g. Japanese and German; Chinese and Irish).


With the English language becoming increasingly important, and globalisation creating more complex challenges for communications, this innovative three-year degree is aimed at non-native speakers of English. It offers a unique mix of language study and analysis in cultural, intercultural and literary contexts. It enables non-native speakers of English to achieve proficiency in English, to reflect on how and in what contexts English is used, and to familiarise themselves with the cultural and social context of Ireland. You will also have the option of studying another language (French, German or Spanish).


BA in Contemporary Culture and Society

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Understanding Contemporary Culture and Society Contemporary society is constantly changing and is made up of many complex relationships. Interculturalism, globalisation, migration, mass media, multilingualism and accelerated technological change continue to define this world we live in. In fact, they are what shape the intricate complexities and relationships that exist all around us.