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Business Studies

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 What is the difference between Global Business and Business Studies international?
Here are the 5 main differences:

1.         CAO Points Needed

One of the first things a CAO student will be concerned about!

The points required for International Business (DC 110)  for 2017 were 457 CAO points

Points required for Global Business courses for 2016 were as follows:

Global Business USA                     576 CAO points

Global Business Canada                565 CAO points

Global Business France                  487 CAO points

Global Business Spain                    520 CAO points

Global Business German                466 CAO points

So generally the points for Global Business tend to be higher.

2.       Amount of time spent abroad

In international business you spend your first 2 years in DCU then your third year in a partner University. After your third year abroad you will return to DCU for your fourth and final year.          

In Global Business you spend your first two year DCU and then spend 3rdand 4th year abroad with your partner university in the country that speaks your chosen language.

3.       Two Degrees

A big difference between International and Global is that with Global Business you receive two degrees, one from DCU and one from the college in your chosen country, whereas with International you will get a degree from DCU only.

This is one of the big plus points for Global Business as there is currently no other business course in the country that offers two degrees upon completion and having two degrees from two universities in two different countries will definitely help you stand out from the crowd when looking for a job after graduation!

4.       Languages available

With International Business you have the option of studying one of French, Spanish, German, Chinese or Japanese.

With Global Business there are 3 languages available. They are French, Spanish and German.

With International business you must study one of the five languages I’ve mentioned along with all of your business modules.

However with Global Business, if French, Spanish or German don’t do it for you then you can do Global Business USA or Canada where the study of a language is not compulsory.

5.       Work Placements

Global Business students undertake two paid internships during their four year degree. There’s a four month internship in Ireland during 2nd year and then a 6 month internship in your 3rd year in the country you are studying in.

Global Business in DCU is the only business course in the country which offerstwo work placements in two different countries, so again this gives it a big advantage over other business courses nationwide. 

 Does DCU have partner universities around the world to go to?

Yes, if you click here you see the full list of the universities you can travel to (depending on your course). For further specific information you should contact the course contact.

Are there many Business modules on the MINT (DC240) and IT modueles on the Business studies (DC111) course?

There is on on average 20% of general business modules in MINT and on average 20% of IT modules in Business Studies course.

 How does MINT compare to a general Business degree in terms of job prospects?

Job prospects for MINT(DC240) are more specific, in that you will be prepared for a role in marketing, new product development or in the ICT sector. Job prospects in the general business degree (DC111) depend on your specialism - management, business economics, finance, human resource management or marketing. They are both highly regarded by our employers so it depends on where your interests lie in terms of your own career goals.

 For the business courses what are the class sizes like and is there work placements?  

There are some large lectures for common modules but these are supported by smaller weekly tutorial groups of approx. 30 people. Yes there are work placements in our Business school- you can watch and read all about what you can do here

What are some of the companies that students from the BSc multimedia have gone on to work for? 

 Some companies include: TV3, BBC, Google, Linkedin, Facebook, Yahoo, Setanta Sport & independent production companies.

See where your future career could be by clicking here! 

Do I need a language for Global Business USA (DC116)? 

   You don't need a language for Global Business USA (DC116). However you need a H5in a language other than English or Irish for Business Studies International (DC110)  

 For the Global Business USA, you get the opportunity to learn another language, is that a big part of the degree?

There are only 10 optional credits out of the 60 credits in Year 1 and Year 2 in Global Business USA, which can be used to study a language so as you can see, this is only a small part. The emphasis is more on developing your knowledge of North American Politics and Culture. If studying a second language is important to you, you may be more suited to Business Studies International (DC110) or the other Global Business programmes: French (DC112), German (DC113), Spanish (DC114), where there is a larger percentage of language modules.

  Is the International Business course a joint degree of French and Business or is the language a minor of the degree?

  Business Studies International (DC110) is not a joint degree, it is a business degree with 30% language and cultural modules. If you are interested in a joint degree, you may be interested in Global Business Degrees: DC112/DC113/DC114/DC116/DC119.

How long is spent abroad on the International Business course? Is it a full year? 

One full academic year studying at a partner University. Academic calendars can be different in other countries (starting in August or finishing end of July for example). It would depend on the country.

 How many hours a week involved in Accounting and Finance course?

  There is approx 16-20 hours of lectures and tutorials, plus your own independent learning time and completing coursework.

What is the difference between MINT and Business studies in DCU

MINT (DC240) combines expertise in marketing with a sound knowledge of technology. Business is a general business studies degree, encompassing all dimensions of business. So if you love technology, and want to work in a high tech business, MINT is the course for you. If you are not sure what aspect of business you'd like to work in, and would like to get a good foundation in a number of different aspects of business, then Business studies is the course for you. Some recent graduates are in marketing, business developement, account executive/ manager, event co ordinator and CRM managers in companies such as Accenture, Bewleys, BMW Ireland, eBay, Google, LinkedIn, Paypal, Tesco and Twitter