Code of Conduct

The aim of the Code of Conduct and Code of Discipline is to ensure that a suitable academic environment is maintained in the University at all times.  The code outlines what the University accepts as ‘reasonable behaviour and consideration’ for others and endeavours to lay down guidelines that will form the foundations of a good academic community.

For more information, go to the Chief Operations Officer's Office at the following link and you will find information in the below sections. 

Chief Operations Officers Office - Policies

  • 2017 Student Code of Conduct & Discipline (SCCD)
  • Form for the submission of a complaint under the SCCD
  • Form for the submission of an appeal against a decision of the SCCD Disciplinary Committee

Other relevant policies and procedures for students:

1. Social Media Policy

2. Third Party Policy

3. Confidentiality and Disclosure Policy

4. Garda Vetting and Clearance Policy

5. Sexual Misconduct Policy

6. Student Charter

7. Student Gender Identity and Expression Policy

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