Consultation Days

In DCU, consultation days are available after each round of exam results. This allows students to receive feedback on exams or assignments.  You may have failed or received a grade you were not expecting, and seeking feedback will be very beneficial. This allows you to see how your marks were allocated and better understand how to improve your academic performance. You need to contact the lecturer of your module or your Chairperson to arrange a meeting for a consultation for exam feedback. Please be aware consultation days are set in advance, so take note of the dates from the Academic Calendar below. You may not be able to access feedback outside of these dates. 

Academic Calendar 2023/2024 (some dates still pending)

If you are unsure who your Chairperson is, contact the Student Advice Centre on Glasnevin Campus or the Student Advice Centre on St Patrick's Campus and they will be able to advise you.

Glasnevin Campus: +353 1 700 7165

St Patrick's Campus: + 353 1 700 9018


Your Chairperson or staff in the Student Advice Centre will also be able to advise you if you are unhappy with your exam results or find you are struggling or unhappy with your programme.


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