Extenuating Circumstances

During your time at DCU, your academic performance may be adversely affected by illness (physical or psychological), accident, bereavement, or other personal circumstances. Circumstances may also prevent you from being able to take an assessment at short notice. The University will take these circumstances into consideration. You must complete an Extenuating Circumstances form R30, which is available from the Registry website. Please follow the instructions on the form closely as failure to include the information required may mean your form cannot be considered. Explanatory examples are listed on the R30 form.  

The submission date for R30 forms for each semester will be detailed on the form. Please ensure your form is submitted by the relevant date for each Semester, If the forms are not submitted on time, it may not be possible to have your circumstances taken into consideration. Your submission will be treated as strictly confidential.

Please be reassured that whatever you may be going through, there is support within the University through Student Support & Development, the Students’ Union, your Personal Tutor, Year Head or Chairperson. You can expect your lecturers to be sympathetic and to take all reasonable measures to accommodate your needs.

Registry Forms are available at the following link: 


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