DCU Labyrinth

The labyrinth is an ancient pattern dating back over 4,000 years. It has been passed down through generations and cultures as a form of reflective instrument. Labyrinths are used to quiet the mind, to encourage meditation and self-reflection and to reduce stress. They are open to all people as a nondenominational, cross-cultural path to well-being.  Many confuse the labyrinth with a maze. A maze has many paths, twists and turns and is a puzzle to be solved. A labyrinth has only one entrance and one path to the centre. The way in is the way out. Unlike a maze which is designed to get lost in, a labyrinth helps us find ourselves.  Slowly walking the single path gives enough time to unwind and let go of everyday concerns in order to renew some sense of inner calm, balance and perspective.  The DCU Labyrinth is located in the middle garden of the Mall, behind the ‘Rose Bowl Statue’.

Enjoy your walk!

How to walk the Labyrinth



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