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Discover DCU… Let’s get started

We are delighted you have chosen DCU! Our Orientation Hub, activities and resources provide an important opportunity to find your feet. So explore the tiles below and start your journey of discovery with us!

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Orientation Explained
Orientation Explained

We're delighted to welcome you to DCU

Orientation is an important time to help you find your feet. We've designed this Orientation Hub and the My DCU Companion App to help you navigate the transition. There are lots of events arranged on-campus and online during the first few weeks designed to help you settle in. 

The on-campus events and activities throughout orientation are designed to be fun, welcoming and serve to demonstrate what our 'DCU Campus culture' is all about. Students will also be able to pre-book campus tours across the campuses.

Key Dates: 

  • My DCU Companion App is now open. Click here to access.
  • PG Orientation activities take place between 4th and 16th September depending on your programme. 
  • PG Teaching: Semester 1 teaching begins on Monday 11th September. Early start programmes will receive Orientation information directly from their Programme Chair. 
My DCU - Your Orientation Companion
My DCU - Your Orientation Companion

My DCU - Your Orientation Companion

My DCU will serve as your Orientation Companion as you make your transition to DCU. MY DCU is located on LOOP, our virtual learning environment. It's where you'll find your official DCU welcome, short activities and challenges you can complete to earn experience points (XP), prizes and the prestigious Discover DCU Digital Badge. It will also help you to develop your digital skills and learn how to use LOOP. 

<<Click here to access>>

Your Course Orientation
Your Course Orientation

Accessing your Orientation Schedule

Course schedules are now live.
Events will be added over the coming days so please check back for updates

Key Dates:

  • On-campus students: Orientation Schedules are available using the link above or directly from your Programme Chair. 
  • Remote / Online students: You will receive information from your programme chair about your course-specific orientation. 
  • Early start programmes: You'll receive information from your Programme Chair directly about your course-specific orientation. 
Book a tour of our campuses
Book a tour of our campuses

Get to know your new environment

A campus tour is a great way to get to know DCU, and one of our most popular features during Orientation.

Available on both teaching campuses, the tours take the same route but start at different points. 

Key Dates:

  • Tours will take place from the week 4th - 22nd September.
  • Check out your course orientation schedule to access.

Important: You will need to go to your preferred location 10 minutes before the tour starts so you can be checked in.


Frequently Asked Questions


Is attendance at Orientation compulsory?

You are strongly encouraged to attend the core elements of Orientation and your course Orientation.  There will also be lots of opportunities to engage in university life, designed to help you settle in.

When will I get my Course Orientation Schedule?

Visit the icon above for information. 


Got a registration query?

Follow the instructions provided in your onboarding email. If you still have a question, visit the Registration FAQ located here 


How do I contact ISS?
You can log a ticket for support and advice with ISS through the following link,

Does ISS have a Service Desk?
Contact the ISS Service Desk if you have:

  • a problem with the computer you are using
  • a query about how to print, scan, or photocopy on campus
  • an issue with MFA
  • forgotten your password
  • problems using a software package

How do I connect to the DCU wireless network?
When using your personal device, you should always use the Eduroam Wi-Fi network. The Eduroam network is much safer than using free networks, like the ‘DCU Guest’ network available on campus. The network can be accessed on campus, in other Universities and some hospitals. Setting Eduroam up on your laptop is quick and easy and will protect your personal data in the long run.

How do I access my DCU email account?
All students can access their email through DCU Apps. DCU Apps is DCU’s installation of Google Workspace for education, a suite of online software applications that Google offers to educational institutions and non-profit organisations. The email account allows you to store mail and files using the Docs Upload facility. You can access this by clicking ‘Student Apps’ link on the footer of the DCU website:

How do I reset my DCU account password?
To reset or change your DCU account password, follow the instructions on the following link, You will need to use the MFA app to complete the process.

What do ISS provide?
Information Systems Services, better known throughout the campus as ISS, offers Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) support and advice to DCU staff and students.

Where are ISS located?
ISS has service desks on both the Glasnevin and St Patricks campuses. The student service desks are located in the main libraries, the ground floor on Glasnevin campus library and first floor on St Patricks Campus library. Location, contact details, and hours of opening can be found below at

Chat with a Welcome Advisor
Chat with a Welcome Advisor

Got a query about Orientation?

Click on the red 'ASK' button to link in with us.  

International Students
International Students

A Special Welcome to Our International Students

We are delighted to welcome you to DCU this September. An online international orientation event will take place on Tuesday, September 5th, a detailed schedule will be available shortly. Each of the online sessions will be recorded and made available to anyone who is not able to attend on the day. There will also be lots of on-campus events to welcome you to DCU. 

You can also check out our special programme of on campus events and activities for international students.

If you are a student enrolling directly into a full degree programme in DCU, your programme orientation will be accessible via your course title or code (eg MEng in Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering/DC814).

Key Dates

  • 1st Year Programme-Specific Orientation takes place from the 4th to 16th September

  • 1st Year Postgraduate Classes commence Monday 11th September.

International orientation is part of the General Orientation which will be an ongoing event throughout September.

Check out the 'Before you arrive' section located here

Postgraduate Research Students
Postgraduate Research Students

A Special Welcome for PG Research Students

In addition to orientation events taking place from the 4th September, a Postgraduate Research Orientation event will be delivered at 13.00pm on Friday 15th September on our Glasnevin Campus.

All incoming and continuing postgraduate research students are encouraged to attend this live event and to engage with My DCU PG. Please check your DCU email account for more details received from email and the PGR Course Schedule page for an overview of General Orientation events taking place throughout September.