Withdrawing from the University

Withdrawing from the University

Each year, for various reasons, some students do not complete their programme of study. Sometimes students accept a place at university and then change their minds and decide to take a year out and work or travel. If you do decide to withdraw at the start of or during the First Year or even in later years, please discuss your options with us first. 

There are structures in place to support students who may be withdrawing due to personal difficulties and may not see any other option. There may, however, be many options open to you. You may need advice and guidance on what to do next or the impact that withdrawing will have on your fees in the future. We can also talk to you if you are experiencing homesickness or not settling into the University.


If you are registered for the current academic year 2023/2024, you will need to withdraw officially from the University before October 27th 2023 by logging into your Student Apps page - My Details (i-enabler log in)

For all others please use the following link:  

R27 - Notification of withdrawal from DCU


For further information and support:

Student Advice and Learning Centre - Glasnevin Campus 

T: +353 1 700 7165

E: student.support@dcu.ie

Student Advice and Learning Centre - St Patrick's Campus

T: +353 1 700 9018

E: student.support@dcu.ie




T: +353 1 700 5338

E: registry@dcu.ie

W: www.dcu.ie/registry



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