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Profiling for Success

DCU Careers Service provides a range of online assessments (psychometric tests) called Profiling for Success, which measure the areas of personality, capability, motivation and relationships through:

        • Learning Styles Assessment:  Understand your learning style and how you can become a more effective learner.
        • Personality Type Dynamics Indicator:  Explore your personality preferences and how they relate to the world of work.
        • Aptitude Tests:  verbal, numerical and abstract reasoning.
        • Values Based Indicator of Motivation:  Values are the key to understanding people's energy and motivation.  Explore people's values and you can unlock the "What, where, when and why" of their actions.

These tests are password protectedClick here for access - please note that there are three codes provided. Enter these codes to access the tests.

Careers Quick Query & CV Clinics

Do you have a quick career related question? No need to book an appointment, just turn up!

Careers Quick Query and CV Clinics take place each week during semester. These clinics are open to all current undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Clinics can be busy and students are seen on a first come, first served basis - so make sure to get there early!

Please bring along a good draft paper copy of your CV or other documentation (eg. Applications, Personal Statements etc.) for review.

Full details available on our Events Page.

We look forward to seeing you there!