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Making Applications

Make Your Application Stand Out From The Crowd

You've found a role that you want to apply for, so how will you make sure that your application gets noticed?


There is no blueprint for the perfect CV, but our resources will help you to understand the skills, knowledge, experience and personal traits that can help you to make an outstanding first impression.

Employers often use Application Forms as a way of obtaining specific information from candidates. This is good news for you the applicant as it ensures you provide the specific, tailored information they require. Our resources will help to guide you in creating clear and well considered applications.

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When going for an interview, job seekers often forget that the reason why they have been invited to meet with the employer is because that employer WANTS TO hire them, so when preparing for an interview you should remember that this is your chance to convince the recruiter that you ARE indeed the best candidate for the job.

The better prepared you are, the more confident you will feel and the easier it will be to answer interview questions! 

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Assessment Centres are considered by many recruiters to be the most objective and accurate method of selection and are very common in graduate recruitment. Recruiters can see how you operate in a variety of situations, to get a fair and comprehensive picture of your abilities and competencies.

Assessment Centres are beneficial for applicants too. They give you the opportunity to demonstrate a range of skills, not just your effectiveness at being interviewed.

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