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About Us

Mission Statement and Strategic Goals

The Mission of the Careers Service is to help students make informed career decisions, set realistic career goals and develop the skills necessary to accomplish their goals. The Careers service provides a wide range of services to help meet the career planning, job search, career development and management needs of DCU Students and recent graduates.

Our core activity is: Career Guidance, career planning, career management, career development learning, informed decision making and action planning to achieve stated objectives.

DCU Careers Service adopts DCU's distinctive values as its guiding principle. These include being:

  1. Collaborative and networked
  2. Accessible and open
  3. Developmental and supportive
  4. Innovative and flexible

DCU Careers Service is committed to intellectual integrity, objectivity and academic freedom.

Our Strategic Goals are:

  1. Career Guidance: DCU Careers Service will assist current students and recent graduates in a professional and integrated way, in the process of Career Guidance, Career choice Career planning emphasising client responsibility, self management and action planning to implement decisions
  2. Information: DCU Careers Service will provide jointly with DCU Library staff a fully accessible, integrated and comprehensive Career Guidance, Educational and Information Resource base in DCU Library
  3. Employers: DCU Careers Service will assist Employers and DCU community understand and work more effectively with each other
  4. Integrated Careers Education: DCU Careers Service will develop Networks with academics and others, to integrate and embed careers education, careers management and related learning outcomes into current and future DCU academic programmes
  5. Quality: DCU Careers Service will achieve Quality standards for all aspects of it's work both internally from within DCU quality initiative and from external accrediting bodies
  6. Research: DCU Careers Service will undertake empirical and action orientated Research related to Career Guidance and Counselling activities
  7. Careers Service: DCU Careers Service will continue to develop as a professional service at the cutting edge, flexible and adaptable in approach to meet and manage changing needs and expectations
  8. Promoting DCU Mission Statement and Strategic Plan: DCU Careers Service will work with management and staff of DCU to promote the specific goals and objectives of the university's strategic plan