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Cognizant Industry Insights

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About: Presented by Outreach, Cognizant’s employee-led volunteering programme, Industry Insights lets students access the latest in the technology sphere and understand how it is driving changes across various industries. Speakers featured include a leading legal firm CTO & Senior Vehicle Dynamics Engineer for Aston Martin 

Aim: Through the first-hand insight, the event will bring awareness, create interest in and ignite a passion for an industry students may not have viewed as a viable career option before

Audience: Students aged 15+ including undergraduates

Date: Wednesday 20th October 

Time: 9:30am – 12pm (UK time)/ 10:30am - 1pm (CET)/ 2pm - 4:30pm (IST)

Location: Virtual 

Structure: First hour with Ted-style talks from 4 industry experts; remaining 1.5hrs  rotating around breakout rooms with each speaker OR a Future of Work session & wrap-up with an insights into the job market talk

Teachers: Please sign your class up as a one group

University students: Group sign-ups are encouraged where possible but we're also accepting individual sign-ups