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Amazon Enabling Abilities

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Students studying in Europe, the Middle East and South Africa- looking for an internship or placement
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This event provides students studying in Europe, the Middle East and South Africa with information on how Amazon supports applicants and employees with disabilities. Students will gain valuable career advice, learn more about the application process and gain tips on how to prepare for the Online Assessment and Interviews, as well as how to flag any accommodations needed during the application process.

Students will have the opportunity to sign-up for mentorship following the event, to provide support with the application process and beyond. Mentoring will be offered to candidates looking to apply for an Amazon Student Programs Internship or Placement Program.

This event will provide an authentic space to learn about our commitment to disability inclusion, and to offer advice to students for the recruitment process and beyond. Students will have the opportunity to ask questions to a panel of Amazonians and find out what support Amazon offers to employees with neurodivergence and disabilities. Students will also receive information about the benefits available at Amazon as well as insightful application tips to help students succeed in the selection process.

The event will have captioning in English and sign language interpretation, with regular breaks incorporated throughout. The event will also be available to watch on demand.