Image is poster containing event details.  The design features the blue, turquoise and yellow from the auticon brand. The auticon logo in yellow is top right, with an auticon brand element below( a yellow lowercase letter a in turquoise starburst design) There is an image of woman in a workplace settings who is one of our Consultants.

Introducing auticon: the employer for autistic people with strong tech & data skills

online via MS Teams
Target Audience
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The session is open to students and graduates from any discipline and at any stage in their education. We particularly welcome PhD students. If you are autistic and have strong tech or data skills, the consultant roles that auticon recruit for could be a
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auticon is an award-winning international social enterprise providing IT consultancy careers for autistic adults, and is now operating in Ireland.

Join our online introductory session on 18th April to learn more about us and our roles.

We'd love to tell you more about us and answer any questions you might have.  We know it's a busy time so you can register either to attend the live session or to view the recording of the event afterwards. 

Find out more about our Dublin-based roles at