Mentorship Programme: Mentee of the Year 2022

Nomination Form

The Mentee of the Year Award recognises an outstanding student that has actively engaged in the Mentorship Programme and has demonstrated a positive change as a result.

The Mentee of the Year will be recognized at the the Closing Ceremony of the Mentorship Programme on Thursday 28th April 2022. 

Selection Criteria

  1. Nomination Form (below) completed by Mentor.
  2. Reflect Portfolio submitted by the Mentee (Mentees were briefed about the Portfolio.)

Strict Deadline to submit Nominations is Wednesday 30th March. 

Data Protection Notice
DCU will use the personal data you provide, by way of this form, for the purpose of gathering submissions for Mentee of the Year.  The personal data will be retained for up to one year after which it will be deleted/destroyed in a secure manner. DCU will not disclose the personal data to any external third parties. If you wish to obtain further information about data protection in DCU please review our Data Privacy Policy which is available at the link below:


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