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Graduate Outcome Survey

Class of 2022 asked to take part in Graduate Outcome Survey

DCU’s 2022 graduates are being asked to complete the Graduate Outcomes Survey (GOS) as it will help DCU and the Higher Education Authority (HEA) build an accurate picture of employment patterns.

A total of 5,538 people graduated from DCU - the university is hoping that our recent graduates might take some time over the next couple of weeks to fill out the survey.

DCU is required by the HEA to conduct an annual survey of its recent graduates regarding their employment in the first year after graduation. 

DCU Careers Service and the Quality Promotion Office oversees and manages the survey on behalf of DCU. 

The survey helps both DCU and the HEA understand the graduate perspective, enhance teaching and learning to improve graduates and build an accurate picture of employment patterns.

This survey is conducted by all Irish universities - together they provide the HEA with national employment trends faced by graduates. 

‘This survey is an  important activity for DCU as it provides invaluable information on graduates’ destinations,’ says Yvonne McLoughlin, Head of Careers in DCU.

‘Previously, we have been very lucky as a large number of DCU graduates have engaged with this survey, and the insight we obtained was of much value to us. We hope we enjoy a similar level of support this year.’

The survey takes about five minutes to complete -  a link to the survey has been sent to graduates' DCU email.  The Careers Service are asking graduates from the Class of 2022 to complete the survey by 7th May 2023.

Last year’s surveys gave us the following information about DCU graduates: 

  • 83% in Employment
  • 11% in Further Study
  • Employers that hired a number of our graduates include KPMG, HSE, PwC, Accenture, Intel, Vodafone, Pfizer, Irish Aviation Authority, Irish Water, Bristol Myers Squibb, MSD, SK Biotech, Dell, Central Bank of Ireland, Ryanair, Aer Lingus, Mercury Engineering.

If graduates have any queries about the survey, they can contact