The use of books for therapeutic purposes is known as ‘bibliotherapy’ and is the term used to cover the use of self-help books addressing psychological and emotional issues and difficulties.

The effectiveness of bibliotherapy continues to be researched and there is good evidence to show that quality self-help books can be useful with a range of psychological issues. 


The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) UK recommends Bibliotherapy as a useful start in treating mild to moderate depression, anxiety, panic and some other mental health issues.


Attached is a list of books which have been written by psychologists, psychotherapists and educationalists and is compiled from a number of established bibliotherapy listings coupled with practitioners’ recommendations.

A copy of each of these books is now available in the DCU Library, Glasnevin Campus for reference.

Also attached is a self-help worksheet which will help to structure your bibliotherapy reading.

It is advised that you take and use the information, techniques/skills that you find are applicable and effective in your particular situation and leave aside that which is not. 


Book List available on DCU Glasnevin CampusSelf-help worksheet


For the 'Live Wise' Booklist Collection, visit the Cregan Library on DCU St Patrick's Campus - click on the following link