Togetherall: Peer Support 24/7

Togetherall: Peer Support 24/7
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Togetherall: Peer Support 24/7

The Counselling and Personal Development Service in partnership with Togetherall
An online mental health and wellbeing peer support that gives access to a safe, anonymous and professionally moderated community 24/7/365
What's included?
  • 24/7, anonymous support community
  • A safe environment
  • Instant, free and simple access
  • Moderation by trained mental health professionals
  • Guided courses on a range of issues with peer-support involvement
  • Integration and signposting to your other tools and wellbeing pathways
  •  Resources and journaling to support self-management
  • Self sign up

A quick look inside Togetherall: 

Joining Togetherall provides something that has always been important for good mental health and wellbeing: a community for shared experiences and mutual support. The platform promotes a sense of belonging and connection through community. Accessible anywhere, anytime, 24/7.


Get support: Togetherall is a community of ordinary people, moderated 24/7 by mental health professionals, where you can get support from those who understand what you’re going through.

No judgement. No stigma: Togetherall is an anonymous place where anyone can begin their journey towards better mental health.

Understand your feelings: You can take assessments, complete courses, journal and learn more to understand your mental health.

Join online today to get support, take control and feel better

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