Counselling Service - What can I expect from Counselling?

What Can I Expect from Counselling?

People who come to counselling are not always sure what to expect. The following information will help to clarify the way in which counselling works.

  • In the initial meeting the counsellor will listen carefully to your concerns,will assist in identifing the main issues and will help in drawing up together a plan of work.
  • The counsellor will encourage you to express your thoughts and feelings, in an environment that is confidential, non-judgemental and professional.
  • Each counselling session lasts about 50mins.
  • Some student's avail of two to three sessions, others avail of four to five sessions. The average number of sessions availed of by students is six.
  • On-going evaluation is an essential part of the counselling process to facilitate the best personal development outcome(s).
  • Professional support and encouragement is provided to engage effectively with issues that one might otherwise find challenging to address.
  • Counselling often engages in the area between what we know and are comfortable with and that which we are less aware of and less comfortable with.This often is the area of greatest potential personal development.
  • Counselling may involve changing one's behaviour and/or perspective and/or finding constructive ways to dealing with a situation that is presently beyond personal control.
  • With the student's commitment to engage and work with their counsellor, counselling is an opportunity to grow personally, to develop self insight and life skills central to one's overall wellbeing and resilience as a student.

What is Counselling?

Counselling is a specialist service provided by professional counsellors who are experienced in the developmental and learning paths of students. It facilitates self awareness and self knowledge, enables the student to cope and handle personal difficulties that hinder academic performance while learning central interpersonal and life long skills in the process.

In counselling the student and the counsellor develop a supportive relationship in which the student is empowered to make informed choices, find positive responses to difficulties and grow in self awareness.