If you would like to access our self-help psychological information leaflets and interactive booklets you can access them through our online digital resource hub called Develop.

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Please go to the Mental Health tile on the Develop Hub

The Counselling and Personal
Development Service has
created resources for your
reference including:     



  • Self-Care (Evidence Based Principles For Mental Health)
  • Mapping Our Inner Psychological World
  • Intimate Relationships
  • Working With Unhelpful Thinking
  • Tracking Unhelpful Thinking
  • Loss And Grief
  • Coping After A Critical Incident
  • Crisis Management
  • Adult Children Of Alcoholics
  • Live Wise' Bibliotherapy Book Collection
  • Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Handbook
  • Modify Your Personal Response To Stress
  • Suicide Awareness-Prevention Guidelines
  • A Grounding Exercise
  • A Safe Place Visualization Exercise
  • A 5-2-7 Breathing Practice
  • Challenges to Strengths Exercise


Please go to the Mental Health tile on the Develop Hub

DCU students

Interactive Booklets

Interactive Booklets

To access our interactive booklets listed below, please visit the Mental Health tile on the Develop platform.
  • Grounding Exercise

  • Safe Place Visualization

  • From Challenges to Strengths

  • The 5/2/7 Breathing Practice

Please click here to log onto the Mental Health tile on The Develop platform using you DCU credentials.

Should any questions arise from the above topics or if you would like more information or would like to make an appointment with the Counselling and Personal Development Service please feel free to contact us.

For Glasnevin Campus : Ph. 01 700 5165 or email: counselling@dcu.ie.  For St Patrick's Campus : Ph. 01 700 9215 or email spd.counselling@dcu.ie. 

ReachOut in partnership with the Psychological Counselling in Higher Education Ireland  aims to provide quality assured mental health information to help young people in Ireland get through tough times.  We have a section specifically for college students.  Click on following link to access directly https://spunout.ie/help/service/reachout.com/